Energy Intelligence for Banks

inavitas energy intelligence helps banks save their energy and reduce their OPEX with data-driven decisions.

Why Do You Need Energy Intelligence?

How Can inavitas Help You?

Meet Your Energy and Sustainability Targets

inavitas enables benchmarking and tracking Key Performance Indicators between your branches to help you meet your Sustainability Targets.

Reduce Your OPEX

With inavitas, it is now possible to control and manage loads (e.g., generators) to reduce electricity consumption. You can also identify your saving potential without intruding on your employees’ comfort zone.

Do the Right Things for Your Business and the Environment

You can prevent unnecessary electricity usage (e.g., forgetting to turn off lights).

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

inavitas helps you reduce your energy consumption by remotely controlling loads like lighting, plugs, HVACs, and many more. You can set your KPIs and track them. In addition, customized dashboards can be created as many as you like for your specific needs. To learn how to achieve your energy targets, please read our case study.

How Will inavitas Improve Energy Efficiency in Banks?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Track and Manage Your Energy Target​

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What Does inavitas Offer Banks?


  • Get automated reports to reduce your reporting time
  • Get smart alarms to stay connected with your system
  • Benchmark between branches and track your energy-saving performance

Customized Dashboards

  • Create as many customized dashboards for your reporting purpose and your needs

Remote Control

  • Control air conditioners according to predefined temperature range during shifts
  • Control plugs, lights to prevent unnecessary usage