Energy Intelligence for Banks

Use energy intelligence in increase efficiency by managing your energy consumption and maximising your revenue from your solar.

Why You Need Energy Intelligence?

How inavitas Can Help You?

  • Inability to measure and compare unit consumptions and tariff costs for choosing the right tariff
  • Being informed about the situations after the invoice is issued
  • It is not known which branch uses how much. Not knowing the consumption per m2 and using estimated values ​​instead of data in calculating energy costs for new branches
  • Inability to compare branch performances inability to measure the air quality of the common areas provided to visitors and employees
  • Failure to determine saving potential
  • Unable to control loads outside working hours
  • Encountering high consumption due to the inability to provide comfort temperature and leaving the use of air conditioners to the initiative of the employees
  • High consumption due to manual control of exterior and interior lighting and signage and forgetting it open
  • Failure to maintain the compensation panel at the right time due to the failure to monitor the reactive ratios and to fall into reactive penalty
  • Failure to monitor and manage generators with the energy monitoring system

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

inavitas helps you reduce your energy consumption and maximise solar production revenue by remotely controlling lighting, plugs, and HVACs in your branches. You can also ensure a good working environment for your employees and a comfortable environment for your customers by monitoring your branch’s IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), temperature, moisture, and pressure. To learn more about how inavitas can help you achieve your energy targets, please check out our the bank branch case study.

How inavitas Will Improve Energy Efficiency in Buildings?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Track and Manage Your Energy Target​

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What inavitas Offer In Banks?


  • Monitor your reactive rates to avoid penalties.
  • Get automated reports to reduce your reporting time.
  • Get smart tariff analysis to choose the best tariff.
  • Benchmark between branches and track your energy saving performance.

Air Quality

  • IAQ index is calculated and tracked on time. You can also track interior temperature, moisture, and pressure to keep good working environment.

Remote Control

  • Air conditioners can be controlled according to the predefined temperature range during shifts.
  • Lightings, plugs and HVACs can be controlled to prevent unnecessary usage.