Energy Intelligence for Café and Restaurants

Manage your energy flow with the energy intelligence to save your energy.

Why Do You Need Energy Intelligence?

How Can inavitas Help You?

Secure the Comfort of Your Customers without Paying More

inavitas provides full knowledge of indoor air quality to secure the comfort of your customers while helping to reduce the total cost of electricity bills by up to 20%.

Create Energy Savings to Invest Your Business

inavitas helps café and restaurant owners to save more so that they can invest their resources into their businesses. Let inavitas manage your energy costs as you focus on running your business.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

inavitas provides knowledge of energy flow to reduce or prevent unnecessary electricity usage.

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

You can improve efficiency and reduce your electricity bill with the inavitas energy intelligence platform. you can improve efficiency and save more money. In addition, you can prevent unnecessary energy usage simply by controlling interior and exterior lightings, HVACs, coolers, plugs, etc. Would you like to know how we achieve energy savings in cafés, please have a look at our café and restaurant case studies.

How Will inavitas Improve Energy Efficiency in Cafés and Restaurants?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Select Best Tariff

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What Does inavitas Offer Cafés and Restaurants?

Remote Control

  • Control air conditioners according to predefined temperature range during shifts
  • Control plugs, lights to prevent unnecessary usage

Tariff Analysis

  • Compare tariffs with inavitas based on your monthly consumption and select the best one with the data-backed result

Smart Alerts

  • Get smart alarms to identify faulty equipment in your system and keep the focus on your business