Energy Intelligence For Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies

inavitas energy intelligence offers real-time performance monitoring for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies (EPCs) to provide professional and technology-focused support and ensure maximum payback.

inavitas is here to help you meet the highest standard of quality for your customers with the IT and OT combined experience. inavitas delivers a turnkey monitoring solution for your specific needs.

What inavitas Offers EPCs?

Vendor Independent

inavitas works brand and platform independently with advanced and flexible device management, inverter API integrations.

Forecast Generation

inavitas empowers EPCs with forecasting production, and it is also possible to compare expected, actual productions.

String Level Performance Management

You can have many options to track KPIs with advanced analytics, easy to understand the performance of portfolio homepage till string level at a glance, the KPI management.

Single Portfolio Management

All portfolios and assets are on a single platform in real-time for hydropower, solar, and wind power plants. In addition, details of them are in a single click away.

Custom Dashboards

You can create as many custom dashboards as you want to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of Energy Intelligence for EPCs to Tackle Climate Change

Performance Guarantee

Advanced Technology

Have Grid Compliance

Continuous Support

Secure and Safe Turnkey Systems