inavitas business is a customized real-time energy management and monitoring platform which is aiming to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency. With inavitas business, you can instantly monitor your energy, set consumption targets on your system, and get notified in time about your business by advanced alarms and custom reports. Thanks to inavitas business, businesses can monitor and manage their energy consumption, save energy and contribute to a sustainable future.

inavitas business can be offered any type of industries which want to monitor and manage their monthly energy consumption.

With the inavitas business Energy Monitoring and Management System;
  • You can track and manage your energy by monitoring and comparing offices, floors, and branches with a single platform.
  • You can track reactive energy rates constantly and avoid possible reactive penalties. Thanks to KPI’s, alarms and report modules, you can track reactive rates and, in any increase, you will be informed about your system.
  • With future consumption predictions and saving advices, optimize your energy consumption.
  • You can ensure that calculating energy costs is done correctly.
  In addition to that, with extra control options;
  • You can turn off non-critical devices by scheduling or by IoT platform other than the specified hours.
  • By measuring the indoor temperature, you can operate split type air conditioners at optimal degree.
  • You can measure and track IAQ, indoor temperature, moisture, and pressure.
  • You can measure and track indoor CO2 level.
  • You can control loads and plugs remotely according to the specified conditions.

You can experience demos and get informed about the system by filling the “Book a Demo” section in our

Moreover, with the demo user information we gave, you can experience our platform free for 2 weeks.

It is easy to be a part of the inavitas business Energy Intelligence! Without any first investment cost you can but inavitas business Energy Intelligence with monthly service schedule. For more information about options and prices, you can contact our sales teams.
You can experience customized 2-month PoC process at advantageous prices with the help of inavitas technical teams. For detailed information about PoC prices, please contact our sales teams.
With the free demo and PoC, expert staff of inavitas business will analyze your needs and expectations, then present you the best option for your business.
It is the process that managed physically or at phone in our customers’ locations. During the process, a work is carried out on customers’ need, the control of circuits, the status of location and the detection of producing/consuming devices and then a report is prepared. With this report, customers will get the final information about the best option that contain all the needs of them.
After you buy the inavitas business, our operation teams will setup the system and provide service activation. With the password that created by activation mail, you can start the use the system.
You can start using inavitas business energy monitoring and management system with its mobile application and/or its website.
At the end of the contract, we contact to the customer. If the customer wants, they can continue to use the system with or without a limited contract.

If they do not want, devices will be removed by inavitas teams and service will be ended.

Should you need any further information, it is our pleasure to support you!



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