Energy Intelligence for Groceries

Achieve energy efficiency by managing your consumption with the help of energy intelligence.

Why Do You Need Energy Intelligence?

How Can inavitas Help You?

Prevent Unnecessary Energy Usage

inavitas detects the most consumed equipment and shows your energy usage trends to help you understand what is happening in your system.

Reduce Your OPEX

With inavitas, it is now possible to control and manage loads (e.g., generators) to reduce electricity consumption. You can also identify your saving potential.

Select The Right Tariff to Save More

Compare tariffs based on your monthly consumption and select the best one once you have considered the data-backed result.

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

It is easier to achieve energy efficiency with the inavitas energy intelligence platform by monitoring and managing your consumption and by monitoring your solar system performance. You can also create customized dashboards or your system on the graphic editor to visualize energy in and out, so you can discover savings. If you want to know how you can achieve energy savings, please look at the groceries case study.

How Will inavitas Improve Energy Efficiency for Groceries?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Choose Best Tariff

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What Does inavitas Offer Groceries?

Remote Control

  • Air conditioners can be controlled according to the predefined temperature range during shifts
  • Lightings, plugs and HVACs can be controlled to prevent unnecessary usage

Tariff Analysis

  • Compare tariffs based on your monthly consumption and select the best one with the data-backed result

Smart Alerts

  • Get smart alarms to identify faulty equipment in your system and keep your business focused

Tariff Analysis

  • Thanks to inavitas energy intelligence platform, customers can compare between tariffs according to their consumption behaviors in the offices.

Compensation Management System

  • Reactive rates are tracked by inavitas operations continuously and they provide their services in case of an increase.