Are all energy management systems the same?

All energy management systems are not the same as they have different features to create energy-saving opportunities for their users.

Inavitas provides the energy management and monitoring software that enables customers to monitor, manage, and control their energy usage. This system also allows easy access to reports on savings projections and verification results.
Inavitas helps customers achieve energy savings by monitoring and managing their home or business through advanced software solutions.
Inavitas provides innovative software and services that enable companies to monitor, control, and reduce their energy usage.
The company’s products and services include hardware sensors, software, and management tools. Inavitas was founded in 2012 and is based in Ankara/Turkey.
Inavitas is software that helps people and companies save money by managing your energy data. Inavitas uses smart meters, sensors and software to automate the processes of measuring, analyzing and managing energy usage. With this technology suite we provide our customers with insight into their own business data in order to help them reduce their energy costs
Imagine being able to turn your smart meter into an energy management tool. With inavitas, you can keep track of your business data, meters and sensors to manage the energy consumption—so that with each kWh downloaded from main grid you know exactly how much money is saved.
Inavitas is a total energy monitoring and management system that gives you control over your costs by providing real-time information about consumption, power quality and theft detection.
This solution comes equipped with advanced data analytics capabilities, helping utilities monitor usage patterns, consumption metrics and performance trends across multiple sites. It also offers cost recovery features for utilities by enabling customers to manage their energy consumption more efficiently