What is an artificial intelligence supported energy management system?

An artificial intelligence (AI) supported energy management system (EMS) is a software system that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and improve energy efficiency.

By collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as smart meters and building automation systems, an AI-supported EMS can identify patterns and trends in energy consumption, and make predictions about future energy usage. This data is then used to create models that help identify energy-saving opportunities, such as reducing energy usage during non-peak hours or adjusting temperature settings in a building.

AI algorithms can continuously learn from data and make adjustments to energy consumption patterns, based on factors like weather, occupancy, and energy prices. Additionally, an AI-supported EMS can help with energy procurement by providing insights into energy market trends and pricing, and optimizing purchasing decisions to save costs.

Overall, an AI-supported EMS can help organizations reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions, while improving the overall energy efficiency of their buildings and operations.