Energy Intelligence for Hospitals​

Reduce Your OPEX by controlling and managing your electricity consumption with energy intelligence

Why Do You Need Energy Intelligence?

How Can inavitas Help You?

Reduce the Complexity of Energy Savings

Managing complex hospital systems is not simple and this is why inavitas energy intelligence is here to help simplify these systems and discover your energy-saving potential.

Improve Efficiency in Your Operations

An increase in efficiency in operations saves time and resources. inavitas is here to help you improve your business operations.

Tackle Climate Change with Energy Intelligence

inavitas increases your awareness of energy flow to help reduce or prevent unnecessary electricity usage.

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

inavitas energy intelligence makes energy savings easier by visualizing energy in and out in your system. In addition to that, controlling your energy usage is extremely easy to manage, like remote on or off HVACs or setting the temperature, which leads to more energy savings.

How Will inavitas Improve Energy Efficiency in Hospitals?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Track and Manage Your Energy Target​

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What Does inavitas Offer Hospitals?

Increase Efficiency

  • Get automated reports to reduce your reporting time.
  • Benchmark between floors and track your energy-saving performance
  • Visualize your system and real-time energy flow to detect issues easily

Remote Control

  • Control air conditioners according to predefined temperature range during shifts
  • Control plugs, lights to prevent unnecessary usage

Smart Alerts

  • Get smart alarms to identify faulty equipment in your system and keep the focus on your business