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Energy intelligence for utilities

Almost all rooftops have photovoltaic (PV) panels; consumers are producers at the same time. All consumers/producers can trade in energy without any intermediary. All the processes are quantified and real-time; everything is possible. Digitalisation is happening. Hence, inavitas utility offers utilities to embrace the change.
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How it works?

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Increase Efficiency

inavitas intelligent devices and smart software are cost-effective solutions to increase efficiency and resiliency.

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Be Prepared for Power Outages

inavitas Outage Management System module will improve the health of your system.

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Optimise Your System

Reduce maintenance costs and management time with real-time monitoring.

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Improve Hosting Capacity

Smart monitoring and management will improve the hosting capacity of your grid.

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Unified ADMS

SCADA, DMS (Distributed Energy Management System), and OMS (Outage Management System) are all together.​

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Web Based Structure

Web-based user interfaces, designed for excellence and efficiency.

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Unique Interface Design

Advanced real-time integrations, Geographical Information System (GIS), Customer Information System (CIS), Workforce Management System (WFM), and more.

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Easy to Integrate

inavitas utility has a unique design that makes integration easier. The system is fully integrated with a single database and network model, including advanced applications.


Web-based, state-of-the-art SCADA solution for electricity, gas and water utilities


Advanced Distribution Management System with full integration of distributed generations, storage systems and EVs


A new generation Outage Management System with full integration to the GIS, CRM, ERP, AMR and SCADA systems

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Mobile Workforce Management System which is working entirely on a map with on-line network data provided by GIS


Vendor independent power quality monitoring and analysis platform which is fully compliant to IEC and IEEE standards


Collection of applications designed to monitor & control the entire distribution network efficiently and reliably which fully compliant to IEC and IEEE standards

Fully GIS Integrated OMS Solution – All necessary monitoring and controls on a single web-based map screen

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20 Electricity Utilities 48

Electricity Utilities

Utilities have chosen inavitas for their energy management

20K Measurement Points 49


We enable our customers to secure electricity supply

100 Supported Devices 50

Supported Devices

We provide vendor-independent, easy integration to 3rd Party Systems

20K Measurement Points 49 (1)

Measurement Points

We turn real-time data to information for our customers.

Our Saving Customers

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