Increase ROI on Your Solar Investment

Monitor Your Solar System, Get Return on Your Investment

Solar systems are a great investment, and you would like to ensure it is working as expected as this will affect the rate of return. If you are a solar installer, you would need to manage your sites and your resources. inavitas energy intelligence gives a lot of tools to track and manage solar performance, and it perfectly suits both for rooftop solar or renewables.

What inavitas Offer for Solar System Performance?

Easy Management of Renewable Portfolio

Visibility of each solar site's performance on the homepage or customized dashboards.

Key Performance Indicators

Performance ratios or other key performance indicators are ready to identify anomalies.

Learning Algorithms

It tells which inverters don't work as expected with anomaly alarms.

Easy Integrations

API integrations, most commonly used communication protocols are already implemented.

Benefits of Energy Intelligence

Effective operation and maintenance of your loads

Better management of your assets

Simple tracking of big portfolios

Reduced time of reporting