Energy Intelligence for Manufacturing​

To be efficient, manage your consumption and maximise your solar production with the help of energy intelligence.

Why You Need Energy Intelligence?

How inavitas Can Help You?

The main problem of the manufacturing process is the costs. Moreover, high electric bills are the biggest items in that. To avoid such a situation, energy intelligence would be the key. Thanks to inavitas, you have the power to reduce such bills.

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

Thanks to energy intelligence platform, inavitas will help you to achieve efficiency by monitoring your energy consumption and maximising your solar production. In addition to that inavitas helps you to track IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), temperature, moisture, and pressure for you to sustain clean working environment for your employees. For more information about how inavitas can support you to increase your efficiency, check out our case study.

How inavitas Will Improve Energy Efficiency in Buildings?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Track and Manage Your Energy Target​

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What inavitas Offer In Banks?


  • Monitor your reactive rates to avoid penalties.
  • Get automated reports to reduce your reporting time.
  • Get smart tariff analysis to choose the best tariff.
  • Benchmark between branches and track your energy saving performance.

Air Quality

  • IAQ index is calculated and tracked on time. You can also track interior temperature, moisture, and pressure to keep good working environment.

Tariff Analysis

  • Thanks to inavitas energy intelligence platform, customers can compare between tariffs according to their consumption behaviors in the offices.

Market Price Tariff

  • With the help of the market price tariff which is created by real time market price integration, costs can be tracked and can be compared to national tariff.