Energy Intelligence for Manufacturing​

Manage your demand and maximize your solar production with inavitas energy intelligence.

Why Do You Need Energy Intelligence?

How Can inavitas Help You?

Manage Your Demand

inavitas energy intelligence gives the power to manage demand spikes by controlling loads and forecasting production and consumption.

Get the Most Out from Your Solar

inavitas helps you get the most out of solar production by tracking performance indicators like PR and showing the solar production trend.

Improve Efficiency in Your Operations

inavitas provides the consumption trends of your equipment that helps identify faulty equipment. If any so, actions can be taken to improve operational efficiency.

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

inavitas is a trusted technology provider for you to tackle the demand spike problem, which causes extra cost in your OPEX, and you must pay what you never use. The inavitas intelligence platform offers production and consumption forecasting to plan continuous operations to reduce demand spikes. Please read our case study for more information about how inavitas achieves this.

How Will inavitas Improve Energy Efficiency Manufacturers?

Monitor Your Consumption

Control Your Demand

Get the Most of Your Solar System

What Does inavitas Offer Manufacturers?

Demand Management

  • Have detailed analytics as per each energy parameters
  • Create your all system in a graphic editor for real-time energy flow
  • Plan your operations according to forecast data
  • Control your load remotely
  • Get smart demand alarms
  • Visualize your demand data on customized dashboards and detect spikes

Forecasted Trends

  • Monitor actual consumption and production trends
  • Have forecasted consumption and production trends
  • Compare the difference and performance of your system

Remote Control of Energy Usage

  • Control your equipment
  • Monitor your solar production performance

Tariff Analysis

  • Compare tariffs with inavitas based on your monthly consumption and select the best one with the data-backed result.