Mini Digital Input/Output

Device Description

Mini DIO (Digital Input/Output) Module can display on/off or 1/0 data for up to 4 channels. Input channels with high impedance reduce the input current and noise immunity is increased through hysteresis. The device has a anti-jumping filter to prevent contact from jumping. The device also has 32 bit change registers and these registers display the level changes in the input channels. Mini DIO (Digital Input/Output) has 3 channels of isolated solid state relay output. Output channels are isolated from each other. The output type can be changed to latch or unlatch output with the specified time. The user can configure input polarities, anti-jumper filter time, serial communication port settings and output latch time easily through Mini DIO user interface. User can also turn the “Test Mode” on the module. All the inputs and outputs are adjustable for site tests in the “Test Mode”.

intelligent devices mini dio

Device Specification

Supply Voltage Range

85 – 264 VAC or 17-36 VDC

Nominal Supply Voltage

230VAC or 24VDC


ARM Cortex-M0 32 Bit 48 Mhz


128 kB


16 kB

Watchdog Timer

System Reset / 5 sec

Power Consumption

0,5 w

Communication Specifications

Communication Protocols

Modbus-RTU (Slave), IEC60870-5-104, IEC62056-21

Serial Interfaces

RS-485, Micro

Serial Communication Speed

1200bps – 115200bps

Digital Input Specifications

Number of Digital Input Channels


Input Channel Voltage Range

0 – 36 VDC / 0 – 150 VDC (Shoud be defined on order)

Input Channel Isolation

Available, Isolated with Optocoupler

Input Current

1.5 mA / Channel

Input Filter

Programmable, Default: 20ms

Input Change Counter

32 Bit

Digital Output Specifications

Number of Digital Output Channels

3 (Type Dry-Contact)

Output Channel Voltage Range

0 – 36 VDC or 0-250 VAC

Nominal Output Voltage

24 VDC / 110 VDC / 220 VAC

Output Type

Dry-Contact Relay

Max. Output Current


Load Type

Resistive, Inductive

Output Channel Isolation


Environment Conditions


IEC 61326-1, EN 301489-1, IEC 61010-1, EN 60950-1

Operating Temperature

-25°C / +70°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C / +70°C

Operating Humidty

25% – 95% RH

Protection Class


Mechanical Specifications

Device Dimensions (W x H x D)

35mm x 100mm x 115mm