Energy Intelligence for Office Buildings

To be more energy efficient, use energy intelligence and manage your energy consumption.

Why You Need Energy Intelligence?

How inavitas Can Help You?

One of the biggest problems of you is the bills. The common reason behind is the unavailability of the monitoring. Without monitoring, you cannot analyze consumption of the different sub-units and branch consumption on a square meter basis, cannot compare between branches or cannot be able to control interior/exterior lightnings, plugs, HVACs and electrical devices with unnecessary consumption.

What Can You Expect from inavitas?

inavitas will help you with energy intelligence platform. Using this platform led to businesses to manage their consumption and improve efficiency in the offices by monitoring. Another benefit is, managing energy flow on a digital customized dashboard. With the help of this feature, you can be able to control interior/exterior lightnings, plugs, HVACs. This means you can avoid unnecessary consumption. The other benefit of this platform is the controlling IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), temperature, moisture, and pressure. So, your employees can work in a safe environment with clean air. This platform also helps you to analyze tariffs which makes it easy to compare between them and helps you to track and interfere service for reactive rates on time. For the detailed information about effects of inavitas, you can look at the office building case.

How inavitas Will Improve Energy Efficiency in Offices?

Monitor and Control Your Consumption

Track and Manage Your Energy Target​

Get better analysis and saving methods​

What inavitas Offer In Banks?


  • Monitor your reactive rates to avoid penalties.
  • Get automated reports to reduce your reporting time.
  • Get smart tariff analysis to choose the best tariff.
  • Benchmark between branches and track your energy saving performance.

Remote Control

  • Air conditioners can be controlled according to the predefined temperature range during shifts.
  • Lightings, plugs and HVACs can be controlled to prevent unnecessary usage.

Air Quality

  • IAQ index is calculated and tracked on time. You can also track interior temperature, moisture, and pressure to keep good working environment.

Tariff Analysis

  • Thanks to inavitas energy intelligence platform, customers can compare between tariffs according to their consumption behaviors in the offices.

Compensation Management System

  • Reactive rates are tracked by inavitas operations continuously and they provide their services in case of an increase.