Energy Intelligence for O&M Companies

inavitas energy intelligence is a real-time performance and management platform that enables efficient operations for Operation and Maintenance Companies to minimize system downtime for maximum energy production and direct teams

inavitas gives more visibility of portfolio and assets and reduces time to identify issues easily.

What inavitas Offers for O&Ms?

Anomaly Alarms

Anomaly alarms keep you informed and tell you which inverter is being slack or if there are any other issues in the system.

Graphic Editor

You can create your plants and assets with single-line diagrams and any other drawings. You can track the performance in real-time.

Power Plant Control

Grid compliance can be achieved by active and reactive power/voltage control of inavitas to solve challenges and optimize production.

Manage Teams

You can manage your teams and tasks with inavitas workforce management to reduce system downtime.

Plan Operations with Forecast Generation

You can plan your site operation and maintenance with forecasted production data, and it is also possible to compare expected, actual productions.

The Benefits of Energy Intelligence for O&Ms to Tackle Climate Change

Reduce Operation and Maintenance Cost

Effective Mobile Workforce Management

Efficient Portfolio Management

Advanced Technology

Continuous Support

Secure and Safe Turnkey Systems