Partnership Program

Let’s grow your business while adding value towards a sustainable future!

inavitas is a cutting-edge energy intelligence platform for utilities, renewables, businesses, and homes, enabling energy savings. inavitas offers partners the opportunity to market comprehensive energy management and monitoring solutions to help their customers manage and save their energy to make life more sustainable. A partnership with inavitas provides a continuous income and transforms its partner’s business at outstanding levels. Besides, it allows doing more for sustainability not only for their customers but also for the whole world

Here are six reasons we think you will unlock the benefits of being our partner.

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Continuous Revenue Stream

Our partners continue to generate income, and we ensure your customers will be satisfied with your business service by offering the most flexible energy management systems. Your business will grow with our business. You will be a part of a big family with good care and be supported by our experienced teams in every step of your operations.

Different partnering options are available for partners with a range of continuous various income opportunities. Our experts will help you fit in the best option depending on where you are in your business.

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360° Management

When you are a partner of inavitas, you will be covered for all your operations as inavitas is not only an IT company but also an OT company. Also, inavitas offers an experienced team including electrical engineers, IoT engineers, data scientists, IT engineers, site teams who have a wealth of knowledge and a strong background and extensive experience on their subject.

inavitas will be right there for you to solve any technical challenges you have.

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Customized Solutions​

inavitas offers customised solutions for its partners’ or their customers’ specific energy-saving needs and for their energy efficiency projects on time.

As we all know, some business needs may require unique solutions and innovation. inavitas has the capability to meet these requirements quickly with its agile structure and a strong R&D background. In addition to all these services, inavitas’ products are very flexible to be modified based on requirements due to the latest technology.

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Data is a new oil and needs to be taken care of. Security and scalability are more important than ever before. inavitas has proven success with its big data and scalability even we only count more than 5000 supermarkets onboard and count for more in addition to its other customers. This success comes from its strong technical capability, the flexibility of products and very robust architecture, that is easy to modify based on requirements.

For inavitas, it is a matter of time to integrate your data into the system, not the amount of data you have. Strong technical knowledge will be available to make it happen for your customers.

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Training and Empowerment​

inavitas will do whatever it takes to ensure your business is thriving and support its partners with its training and ongoing technical support.

inavitas’ knowledge base libraries, videos, customer guidelines are useful resources to learn more and easy to access. Our partners not only enjoy regular training to gain more knowledge, but also feel the power of it. Besides, inavitas always support its partners during the process and organize training sessions based on the requirement from them.

Moreover, our partners also have case studies and any other marketing materials to ensure their sales success.

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Continuous Support​

inavitas always supports teams that combine electrical engineers, site engineers, IT engineers. Also, inavitas’s dedicated and experienced support teams work hard to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations.

The ticketing system is available for our partners to track their issues with our threads at every step. In case of an emergency, our teams’ priority changes until the issues are fixed.