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Reduce OPEX And Save Your Energy

Save Your Energy, Reduce Your Electricity Bill

There is always an opportunity to improve on your energy outlook. It will be easy to start saving when you manage and monitor your energy flow and your demand spikes.

inavitas is your technology provider, always with you to help manage your energy and achieve your energy-saving targets.

You can see and manage your company’s energy usage trends or performance of solar production. This visibility gives you the power of control.

What inavitas Offers for Energy-Saving Goals?

Detect Anomalies

Set your alarms to get up-to-date information about your system health

Track Your Energy Saving Performance

Track your system performance with defined Key Performance Indicators

Deep Dive and Explore Further

Get details, explore more on the advanced analytics page

Benchmark Your Operating Units

Know which loads or units consume more in your portfolio

Create Your Playground as much as You Want

Have your dashboard for your specific need on the customized dashboard

Manage Your Demand

Control your demand spikes, avoid penalties and high electricity bills

Benefits of Energy Intelligence

Savings up to 25% of your electricity bill

Hassle-Free Management of Your Energy-Saving Projects

Avoid from Demand Spikes and the demand charges

Meet Your Sustainability Targets

Manage Your Portfolio on a Single Platform