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Sam Serdar Yilmaz

VP, Global Sales

VP, Global Sales

Sam Serdar Yilmaz is co-founder of inavitas Australia and VP, Global Sales of inavitas. He lives in Brisbane, the capital of the Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia. He completed tertiary education in one of the most prestigious universities, but most of all just keeps being passionately curious to learn every day.

His early career was full of jumps from one industry to another with several roles and started settling down in mid-career for even more adventure, taking up a start-up mentality. He describes himself as a people’s person. He loves, values, and adds value to people, and failing forward is the key steppingstone in his success attitude.

He is an avid cyclist and trail runner with a goal of becoming a triathlete, and his favoured pastime is to get immersed in philosophy and nature. He spends most of his quality time with his family, two very active kids.