Tech Savvy Bank Branch Case Study

Benefits of inavitas Energy Intelligence Platform for Banks

Project Scope

Energy Monitoring & Management System for Banks

In this case study, we examined the branch of a bank which name’s hidden for privacy reasons. Bank Branch’s sub-units were monitored by the inavitas business energy intelligence platform to investigate the possibility of energy-saving. Monitored units are listed below as;

1.Bank Branch’s Main Entrance,

2.First Floor Accounting,

3.First Floor Manager,

4.First Floor Training,

5.Second Floor Training.

First Inspection Results
Bank Branch’s total consumption until April  27th is 11868 kWh.

Graph 1: Bank Branch’s Consumption Trend in April 2020.
Graph 2: Bank Branch’s The Most Consuming Sub-Units.

Bank Branch’s consumption was analyzed, and the highest consuming units have been;

  • Second Floor Training (66% of total consumption),
  • First Floor Training (17% of total consumption),
  • First Floor Manager (10% of total consumption),
  • First Floor Accounting (7% of total consumption).


Unexpected consumption in the nights

The peak and off-peak load for the second-floor training center are nearly the same, and it is not changing with the days. It looks like there is an always-on appliance on the second floor, and it is consuming nearly 30% of total consumption at off-peak times. When we check other units like the first-floor training center, it is consuming nearly 25% of its peak hour consumption during off-peak hours, that is the expected behavior. The second-floor training center should be checked once more with this data.

Results (Detected Outliers)

First Floor Accounting on the 7th of April 2019 It is consuming more than usual during the whole night.

First Floor Accounting on the 13th of April 2019 It is consuming more than usual during the non-working day.

First Floor Training on 4h of April 2019 It is consuming more than the usual working hours. With an occupancy or CO2 sensor integrated into this platform, it will be easier to analyze this type of outliers.


  • The devices which have the risk of forgotten out of working hours can be turned off.
  • All equipment approved by the firm can be automatically turned off at the end of the working hour thanks to energy intelligence, and unnecessary consumption can be prevented,
  • By climate control sensors, unnecessary consumption of air conditioners can be prevented, and a more comfortable environment can be offered to customers by ensuring that the ambient temperature is kept at
    20°C – 24 ° C or another range to be specified.
  • As a result of this project, the solutions mentioned above are made; 18% savings were achieved in an 800 m2 facility.

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