Tech Savvy Cafe Case Study

Energy Monitoring & Management System for Cafes


Problems of Cafes

  • Confused by tariffs/rates/bills
  • Paying a fortune on reactive power /demand charge penalties
  • No visibility of consumption breakdown
  • Cannot pinpoint which operating units are power hogs and why
  • Cannot prove if the equipment broke down due to voltages outside limits


Inavitas Energy Intelligence can solve these problems


  • Stop wasting your energy
    Monitor your consumption and act on your energy-saving like adjusting your HVAC settings
  • Increase efficiency
    Identify operational failures on time. Forecast your consumption, change your consumption behavior accordingly
  • Save your money
    Find out the best tariff based on your consumption profile

Results of Consumption Monitoring

Unexpected Consumption in June
In June, there is a big gap between consumption forecast and actual consumption compared to other months compared to July 2020

It is consuming more than any other Monday even higher than weekends when we can see the peaks and consumption is constantly increasing in June compared to July.

On the 29th of June 2020,  It is consuming more than usual between 6 am and 1 pm and reaches its peak at 10 am.

Consumption is almost the same off- peak times as always-on devices in place but from 25 of June, consumption on the device is increased by about 70.2  %.

Results of Tariff Selection

Alternate Tariff (Tariff  8500, flat rate) is much beneficial in 2019, then

The actual Tariff (Tariff 8300, incl. Demand rate)  is cheaper in 2020 compared to 2019.

Overall, If this café selects Tariff 8500, they will save 628 $ in one year.

Please Contact Us to learn how inavitas in action for more savings.

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