Tech Savy Restaurants Case Study

Energy Management Platform for Restaurants

What is energy intelligence?


Project Scope

İstinye Park Mezzaluna

This project covers below monitoring points: Main, Kitchen, Fryer, 7 HVACs
The inavitas energy intelligence platform has controlled all HVACs. They are started to work when the restaurant is open until the last staff finishes his/her work. Then all turned off.

Bomonti Ada The Populist

This project covers below monitoring points;
Main, Second-floor panel, Kitchen at 3rd floor, Lift, Ground floor, Brewery mechanical panel, D block mechanical, Common areas mechanical panel, Populist mechanical panel, Outdoor lightings, MCC-1 ve MCC-2 panels

İstinye Park Mezzaluna Analysis

The most consuming units according to Graph 1 below; Kitchen (%68-%90),  HVACs, (%10- %30), Others loads

Bomonti Ada The Populist Analysis

The most consuming units according to Graph 2 below; Ground Floor (%60-%65), Mechanic Panel (%20-%25), Others loads

Graph 2 : Bomonti Ada Consumption Trend



Unnecessary usage of electricity is prevented by controlling HVACs according to working hours as seen in Graph 3.

The comfort level has been provided by giving set points to HVACs.  Sensors have been controlled remotely according to the predefined temperature range.

Graph 4 The optimum temperature range is between 20 °C and 25 °C for customers and staff.


* January 2020 Commercial Tariff


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