Energy utilities


Energy Intelligence for Utilities

inavitas energy intelligence platform enables reliable electricity flow for utilities and helps utilities provide more green energy to the grid.

Distributed energy resources drive the change towards bi-directional electricity flow for consumers and utilities. In addition to that, we get more extreme weather due to climate change. Utilities need to be ready for this complex and challenging environment.

inavitas is your trusted technology provider to empower utilities to adapt to this change by digitalizing and orchestrating operations and tackling climate change with digitalization.

What inavitas Offers for Utilities?

Unified Advanced Distribution Management System

SCADA, Distributed Energy Management System, and Outage Management System are all together.​​


Collection of applications designed to monitor & control the entire distribution network efficiently and reliably which fully compliant to IEC and IEEE standards.

Advanced Distribution Management System

Advanced Distribution Management System with full integration of distributed generations, storage systems and EVs.

Power Quality Monitoring

Vendor independent power quality monitoring and analysis platform which is fully compliant to IEC and IEEE standards.

Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management System which is working entirely on a map with on-line network data provided by GIS.

Outage Management System

A new generation Outage Management System with full integration to the GIS, CRM, ERP, AMR and SCADA systems.

The Benefits of Energy Intelligence for Utilities to Tackle Climate Change

Safe and Reliable Operations

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Ready for Distributed Energy

Secure and Advanced Technology to Solve Challenges