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Deploy the Right People at the Right Time at the Right Place !

inavitas Work Force Management Software is highly needed in order to manage the processes and the success of your team. Deploy the work force at the right time and the right place with inavitas Workforce Management Software regardless of the time limit and urgency level by integrating with inavitas Plant.

workforce management
workforce management & workforce management software (WFM)

Why inavitas WFM ?

  • Create your custom Workflow and Control Lists by the help of its dynamic structure.
  • Monitor your Workflow even if your field has poor or no internet connection.
  • Synchronise immediately with the documents your team sends you.
  • Manage your teams and portfolio in an integrated system.
  • Decrease the costs of your business.

Problems at Site Operations

  • Performance mystery

  • Invisibility of the outcomes of planned vs actual manhours

  • Resource underutilisation

  • Coordination issues of teams

  • Poor time management

  • Waste of valuable spaces for unnecessary spare parts

  • Lack of information on Work Order completion/duration

Solutions with inavitas Workforce Management Software

  • Measure the essentials in the field
  • Centralise your data in order to manage your resources more efficient
  • Manage your functional stock effectively
  • Monitor your field in real-time scale
  • Encourage your teams to track work order via the mobile app
  • Initiate your workflow, control lists and manage your team remotely
  • Automatise your routine tasks such as quality assurance and audit

How it Works ?

wfm workforce management software
inavitas Workforce Management System (WFM) has web and mobile application options that work
together. By doing so, it gives you the power of visibility and flexibility in your operations. When you
create work orders, checklists and assign filed teams, work orders can be tracked and closed even when
there is no internet in the field. By the help of inavitas Workforce Management System, which is
integrated with inavitas Plant, you can assign due dates, work and tools to teams and prioritise, monitor
and track your work plans, work orders and phases.
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Workflow and Checklist

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Remote Management

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Document Synchronization

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Team management

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Easy integration

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Stock management

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