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inavitas energy intelligence enables efficient and reliable operations for utilities with SCADA, Distribution Management System, Workforce Management, Volt Var Management, Outage Management Systems.



Portfolio Management

inavitas provides the portfolio and performance management for renewable power plants on a single platform to increase efficiency and revenue in operations.


energy management

Energy Management

inavitas energy management solutions with energy intelligence empowers businesses to control their energy flow, manage their demand and create energy savings by 20 %.


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Customer Engagement

inavitas energy intelligence provides more customer engagement and adds value on retailers’ services by visualising energy flow of their customer.

Energy Management Software (EMS)

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energy management solutions - energy management system energy management software

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best energy management solutions

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energy management software - energy management - energy management solutions

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is energy management?

    Broadly speaking, energy management entails the organized, proactive, and systematic management of the energy consumption within a facility or organization to accommodate economic and environmental requirements. Following are the essential steps that a facility must take for proper energy management:
      • Recording and metering energy consumption data.
      • Identifying energy wastage factors.
      • Actively remediate energy wasting factors.
    • Keep track of progress and the resulting improvements.
    Energy management solutions is used by businesses to reduce energy costs, manage load levels and track emissions. The energy management software can be used to monitor energy usage and identify energy-saving opportunities. It can also be used to manage the load on your building’s electrical system, which helps to ensure that there are no power outages during hot weather or other times of heavy demand. The energy management software can be used to track all your building’s energy usage, so you can identify which areas need attention and make improvements. This helps you to save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. As well as offering real-time information about your building, energy management software can also be used to generate reports that can help you to meet the requirements of legislation. It will record all your energy usage over a period of time and generate a report showing how much power each appliance uses, so you can identify which ones are using more than they should. This helps you to save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. While there are many features that make energy management software great, it’s important to note that some of them will cost extra. If you want a system that helps with compliance and reporting as well as one that gives you real-time information about your building, you may need to pay extra for additional modules. It’s also worth noting that there are a number of different energy management software companies out there, each with their own approach to software. Some will offer you more features than others and price points vary widely. It’s important to get quotes from at least three or four providers before making a decision about which one is best for your needs. You’ll also want to make sure that the software you choose is compatible with your building and IT systems. If you already have a BMS or EMS in place, be sure that the new system will work seamlessly with it. It’s also important to think about the size of your building and how many units it contains. If you have a smaller property, there may be less need for advanced features like energy management, whereas larger buildings will benefit from automation and optimization capabilities. If you’re still not sure whether to go with a proprietary system or a third-party solution, consider the following factors: -How much control do I want over my building? -How difficult will it be to integrate this system into my current infrastructure? -Do I need any specific features that only one of these systems can offer? -Do I want the system to be customizable? -How much time do I have to spend on maintenance? If you’re looking for a system that will be easier to integrate into your existing infrastructure and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then going with a third-party solution might be best. If you want the option of customizing your system to fit your needs and have time on your side, then it may be more worthwhile to invest in a proprietary option.
  • Are all energy management systems the same?

    All energy management systems are not the same as they have different features to create energy-saving opportunities for their users. Inavitas provides the energy management and monitoring software that enables customers to monitor, manage, and control their energy usage. This system also allows easy access to reports on savings projections and verification results. Inavitas helps customers achieve energy savings by monitoring and managing their home or business through advanced software solutions. Inavitas provides innovative software and services that enable companies to monitor, control, and reduce their energy usage. The company’s products and services include hardware sensors, software, and management tools. Inavitas was founded in 2012 and is based in Ankara/Turkey. Inavitas is software that helps people and companies save money by managing your energy data. Inavitas uses smart meters, sensors and software to automate the processes of measuring, analyzing and managing energy usage. With this technology suite we provide our customers with insight into their own business data in order to help them reduce their energy costs Imagine being able to turn your smart meter into an energy management tool. With inavitas, you can keep track of your business data, meters and sensors to manage the energy consumption—so that with each kWh downloaded from main grid you know exactly how much money is saved. Inavitas is a total energy monitoring and management system that gives you control over your costs by providing real-time information about consumption, power quality and theft detection. This solution comes equipped with advanced data analytics capabilities, helping utilities monitor usage patterns, consumption metrics and performance trends across multiple sites. It also offers cost recovery features for utilities by enabling customers to manage their energy consumption more efficiently
  • What is the difference between an energy intelligence platforms and an energy management solutions?

    As inavitas, we use an energy intelligence platform for our energy management solution or management systems because our products bring intelligence to energy management with its advanced analytics.

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  • What is an energy management system?

    An energy management system (EMS) is a computer-based system that measures your energy consumption and looks for ways to save on your consumption. Energy management systemsguide how energy consumption in a building, an apartment, or your home can be cut down or utilized more efficiently. In addition, energy management systems let you know about the performance of your solar generation. Energy monitoring software or energy management platform are different names for energy management systems.
  • Are the energy management system and energy management solutions the same?

    The energy management system and energy management solution are the same.
  • What is the difference between building automation and an energy management system?

    You can read our article to understand the difference between energy management systems and building automation systems.
  • What does inavitas provide to its customers?

    inavitas provides energy intelligence platforms (energy management solutions) for all scales, from businesses and renewable power plants to utilities. inavitas business helps businesses save their energy and reduce their electricity bill by giving them full visibility of energy flow like the pattern of energy consumption or performance of solar generation. inavitas plant provides portfolio and performance management for renewable power plant owners, EPCs, and O&M companies to ensure the highest performance and to reduce ROI. inavitas utilities help utilities manage and increase the efficiency of their operations via Outage Management System, Workforce Management, Volt- Var Management Systems, and power quality monitoring.
    If you're an organisation or individual looking to cut your energy costs, our specialist consultants would be happy to help.
    Energy management services implement cutting-edge technologies to help companies curb their energy consumption and save money.
    Our team offers a wide range of services, from simple building surveys to advanced technological solutions that provide real-time data and analysis on your consumption levels.
    We can help you cut your energy costs. We provide a range of services, from audits to financing, with the goal of reducing your power usage
    Energy Management Services offers businesses and councils the tools to save money, reduce waste and improve their sustainability credentials.
    Energy Management Services is committed to providing innovative, high-quality services to its clients.
    Energy Management Services provides energy management services aimed at helping businesses reduce their energy costs. The company employs specialist staff from across a number of disciplines who can provide an extensive range of services related to energy management, including consultancy and assessment, health and safety training, building management systems installation and maintenance, air conditioning system servicing and repair
    Energy Management Services (EMS) provides energy management services to companies of all sizes and types, saving them money on their utility bills.
    The team at EMS has years of experience in the energy industry, so it can help you reduce your carbon footprint by taking cost-effective measures.
    Energy Management Services addresses the need for sustainable practices and cost-effective strategies through its energy management solutions.
    Their track record in the field of banking allows them to offer a wide range of specialist services with a commitment to innovation.
    Our energy management services can help you save money on your utility bills.
    How much are you losing from poor energy management? Energy Management Services (EMS) has been helping businesses with their energy costs for over 10 years and we would love to help you too. Our qualified engineers can visit your site for free to make sure that you are making best use of the energy available or give you advice on how you can save money on your bills.
    Energy Management Services provides cost-effective energy management services which help businesses reduce their energy bills. We provide a wide range of specialist staff to assist clients with the various aspects relating to energy management.
    We are an independent energy management service dedicated to helping businesses and organisations save money on their energy bills. At the core of our business is a passionate team of engineers, specialists and advisors who are dedicated to delivering the right solution for each individual client.
    Energy Management Services (EMS) is one of the largest energy management companies in Europe. We operate across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.
    Our expertise in energy management and innovation ensures that we are always at the forefront of saving our clients money on their energy bills. We offer customers assistance with energy efficiency audits, energy savings monitoring services, heating controls and insulation, supply & commissioning of renewable generation projects
    The Energy Management Services Company specialises in helping businesses, government organisations, homeowners and property developers save money on their energy bills
    Do you own a business and want to save money on your energy bills? Energy Management Services (EMS) is an award-winning company that helps businesses (such as hotels, schools and factories) manage their energy more effectively. Our consultants work with you to improve your building performance, reduce operating costs and support you in achieving your sustainability targets. We pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative in order to provide services that meet the specific needs of each client
    Energy Management Services is a company that helps you save money on your energy bills. As a professional provider of energy management services, we have specialist staff who can help you cut costs by providing practical advice and implementing cost-saving measures
    Energy Management Services has been helping businesses to save money on their energy costs for over 20 years and we want to help you too!
    Energy Management Services is a professional company that provides energy management services to businesses. These services include: audits; meter readings; optimisation strategies; lighting upgrades and replacements; building automation upgrades; project development management; system installation and configuration advice
    As the australia’s and europe leading energy management company, we offer a wide range of professional services that can help businesses save money on their energy costs. Our innovative solutions include property management and building control, energy audits and risk assessments
  • How long does it take to have energy management solutions ?
    The duration of having energy management systems depends on what you are looking for. Please get in touch with our sales teams via the contact form on our website.
  • What do on-premises and cloud-based energy management systems mean?
    Cloud-based energy management software is hosted and maintained by your energy management system provider. For example, your platform can be hosted on Amazon Web Service or other cloud services. However, on-premises energy management solutions are hosted in your local servers and managed locally. Their pricing is generally different as their service, installation, and maintenance requirements differ.
  • How much does it cost to have energy management solutions?
    The pricing depends on the hardware installation requirement, customized feature requirements, service levels like on-premise or cloud base, and a license type. While inavitas business is datapoint based, inavitas plant is priced based on MW. For more information about inavitas energy management systems, please contact our sales teams via the contact form on our website.