Utility SCADA

Utility SCADA systems play a pivotal role in maintaining the reliability and quality of electrical supply, assisting operators in overseeing and optimizing network performance.Experience the power of Inavitas Utility SCADA – a cutting-edge, real-time management system that revolutionizes grid management. You can keep the entire network under control with the web-based and new generation SCADA solution that empowers electricity distribution companies in all areas of operation.

Custom Dashboards

Single Platform for All Your Needs

User-centric dashboard equipped with personalized widgets and an advanced Single Line Diagram Tool.

Easy Analysis

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Effortlessly assess immediate insights and delve into comprehensive historical data.

Powerful Graphics

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom visualization on data with single line diagrams to create graphical representations of the site.

Advance Alarming

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Adaptive alarms coupled with immediate notifications via a sophisticated alarm engine.

Automated Reports

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom reports that can be saved as templates to automate the reporting task.

Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Business

Increased Efficiency

Data-Driven Decisions

Optimised Performance

Improved Hosting Capacity

Discover the Power of Our SCADA Solution

Access real-time
monitoring and
control on any web device.

Advanced features
for seamless demand
surge handling.

24/7 customer support
with online/offline training resources.

Robust cybersecurity
with redundancy and
secure protocols.

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Compliance tools for
regional and national

Intuitive web interface for
ease of use.

Direct access to in-depth
analytics via the web

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Easily integrated with other software ecosystems


50.000+Measurement Points

10+Supported Industrial Protocols

Talk To An Expert

Discover how you can benefit from inavitas
products based on your needs.

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