PQ (Power Quality Monitoring)

Power Quality Monitoring Systems allow utilities to monitor and manage the quality of power supplied, ensuring consistent voltage levels and improving technical quality for end-users. Experience energy at its finest with Inavitas Power Quality Monitoring System. Elevate customer satisfaction and operational excellence as our leading-edge technology ensures seamless power quality management.

Comply with Standards

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Device independent structure in accordance with IEEE 519 and EN 50160 standards.

Event Records

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Informed decision-making by accessing event details based on data.

End-to-end Solution

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Define measurements and wait for the results to be automatically evaluated and reported by the system.

Automated Reports

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom reports that can be saved as templates to automate the reporting task.

Maximized Benefits for Your Grid

Increased Efficiency

Data-Driven Decisions

Optimised Performance

Improved Hosting Capacity

Discover the Power of Our PQ Solution

Conducts continuous
monitoring for power
anomalies and disturbances.

Integrates with existing
systems for comprehensive
data capture.

Utilizes advanced analytics
for trend monitoring
and diagnosis.

Generates detailed reports
for regulatory compliance
and audit readiness.

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Enables customized
threshold settings for specific equipment sensitivity.

Provides an accessible,
web-based platform
for remote monitoring.

Ensures data security with
robust cybersecurity

Features an intuitive
dashboard for instant data visualization and analysis.

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Easily integrated with other software ecosystems


50.000+Measurement Points

10+Supported Industrial

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