DMS (Distribution Management System)

Distribution Management Systems (DMS) are key tools for utilities to manage complex energy distribution networks efficiently, ensuring consistent power delivery and enhanced grid stability. Unleash the potential of your distribution network with Inavitas Distribution Management System. Our state-of-the-art technology enhances grid management offering real-time insights, advanced analysis capability and optimization features that transform utilities into center of efficiency.

Easy Analysis

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Ability to make decisions within seconds thanks to fast analysis with real time and historical network data

Low Voltage Analysis

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Analysing and reporting connection opinion within seconds using historical network data.

Visual Configuration

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Unified map view for streamlined analysis of both low and medium voltage levels.

Automated Reports

Single Platform for All Your Needs

All applications, their results and proof of the technical study are easily reported and automated.

Discover the Power of Our DMS Solution

Enhances and automates
energy distribution

Supports precise voltage
regulation for energy

Leverages geospatial
technology for network
and asset clarity.

Offers in-depth analytics
for accurate load

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Improves customer
engagement through
interactive features.

Applies high-level cybersecurity
for data and system

Features a customizable,
user-centric web interface
for diverse needs.

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Easily integrated with other software ecosystems


50.000+Measurement Points

10+Supported Industrial Protocols

Talk To An Expert

Discover how you can benefit from inavitas
products based on your needs.

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