(Asset Performance Management)

Asset Performance Management Systems assist utilities in prolonging the lifespan of critical equipment, optimizing maintenance practices, and minimizing downtime for improved operational efficiency. Inavitas Asset Performance Management System – your gateway to predictive maintenance excellence. Harness the power of our advanced technology to extend equipment life, reduce costs, and optimize operations for unmatched reliability.

Customized Dashboard

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Need-oriented dashboard with custom widgets and Single Line Diagram Tool.


Single Platform for All Your Needs

Customizable report templates for Production, Consumption, Production Loss, Demand Report and more.

Powerful Graphics

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom visualization on data with single line diagrams to create graphical representations of the site.


Single Platform for All Your Needs

Smart target alarms and instant notifications by multi-layered alarm engine

Visual Configuration

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Monitor all portfolio and one-click access to details on map view.

Production Forecast

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Production forecast and comparison with expected and actual production.

Maximized Benefits for Your Asset Portfolio

Vendor Independent Data Acquisition

Data-Driven Decisions

Optimised Performance

Maximum Cost Savings

Discover the Power of Our APM Solution

Enables predictive
maintenance using
real-timeperformance data.

Increases asset lifespan
through continuous health monitoring.

Reduces downtime
with instant alerts on
performance deviations.

Enhances decision-
making with comprehensive
asset performance analytics.

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Seamlessly integrates with renewable assets across
multiple locations.

Employs advanced algorithms
for optimized energy

Ensures data security and
integrity with robust
cybersecurity measures.

Provides a user-friendly
dashboard for holistic
asset management.

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Explore integratable solutions to perfectly fit your needs

Power Plants

2 GW+Measurement Points

2000+Installed IoT Devices

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Discover how you can benefit from inavitas
products based on your needs.

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