WFM (Workforce Management)

Workforce Management Systems support energy industry operations by efficiently scheduling and deploying personnel and resources, enhancing productivity and service quality. Inavitas Workforce Management System ensures efficient scheduling, deployment, and resource management, revolutionizing productivity throughout your workforce.

Custom Workflows

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Team management with remote real-time oversight, facilitated by flexible and interconnected work orders

Full Site Integration

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Seamless integration with existing platforms ensuring a harmonized and optimized workflow.

Automated Tasks

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Effortlessly automated routine tasks, including inspections and quality checks.

User-friendly Mobile App

Single Platform for All Your Needs

User-friendly mobile application, enabling effortless follow-up on work orders.

Inventory Management

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Centralized stock management, empowering team members to strategically plan tasks with precision and efficiency.

Enhance Operational Efficiency of Your Workforce

Utilise Your Team and Stock Effectively

Cut Down on Operational Time Costs

Monitor Your Field in Real-Time Scale

Measure and Report the Essentials

Discover the Power of Our WFM Solution

Personalized solutions
adapted to your workforce

Elastic infrastructure that
grows with your team and

Continuous support
ensuring your operational
success anytime.

Real-time analytics driving
informed workforce

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Modern technology for
peak operational longevity
and reliability.

Smooth integration with
existing systems and

Intelligent scheduling for
optimal staff allocation and productivity.

Intuitive dashboard for
simplified task and
personnel management.

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Explore integratable solutions to perfectly fit your needs

Power Plants

2 GW+Established Power

2000+Installed IoT Devices

Talk To An Expert

Discover how you can benefit from inavitas
products based on your needs.

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