OMS (Outage Management System)

Outage Management Systems (OMS) empower utilities to swiftly identify, locate, and restore power outages, minimizing downtime and improving overall service reliability. Inavitas Outage Management System redefines management of outages in utilities. Our advanced solution swiftly detects ainterruptions, guaranteeing minimal downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction. Elevate your outage response to an unmatched level.

Outage Management

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Outage planning, notification of customers and reporting are all managed from a single platform.

Fully Integrated

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Seamless integration with 3rd party applications places our solution at the heart of public services.

Visual Configuration

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Visual inspection of all operations with seamless GIS integration.

Automated Reports

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom reports that can be saved as templates to automate the reporting task

Maximized Benefits for Your Grid

Increased Efficiency

Data-Driven Decisions

Optimised Performance

Improved Hosting Capacity

Discover the Power of Our OMS Solution

Speeds up outage detection
and location identification.

Delivers instant outage
alerts and restoration
estimates to customers.

Syncs with GIS for accurate
tracking and crew deployment.

Streamlines resource and
crew allocation during

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Provides extensive
post-outage reporting for compliance.

Boosts reliability and trust
via clear, multi-channel communication.

Implements strong
cybersecurity for data

Boasts an intuitive,
web-based outage
management interface.

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Easily integrated with other software ecosystems


50.000+Measurement Points

10+Supported Industrial Protocols

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