EnMS Energy Management System for Businesses

Energy Management Systems empower energy consumers to monitor and optimize their energy consumption, enabling sustainable practices and cost savings.Take control of your energy destiny with Inavitas Energy Management System. Our innovational technology empowers consumers to make informed decisions optimizing energy usage, and ushering in a sustainable and cost-effective energy era.

Customized Dashboards

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Need-oriented dashboard with custom widgets and Single Line Diagram Tool.

Smart Alarms

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Smart target alarms and instant notifications by multi-layered alarm engine.

Powerful Graphics

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom visualization on data with single line diagrams to create graphical representations of the site.

Tariff Analyzer

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Best tariff selection based on your consumption.

Consumption Control

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Load control to reduce consumption and achieve maximum cost savings.

Automated Reports

Single Platform for All Your Needs

Custom reports that can be saved as templates to automate the reporting task.

Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Business

Reduce Energy Costs

Avoid Reactive/ Demand Penalties

Elliminate Metering Problems and Incorrect Bills

Raise Employee Awareness of Energy Consumption

Discover the Power of Our EnMS Solution

Custom solutions designed
for unique building

Scalable platforms that
adapt to evolving
energy needs.

Consistent system
availability for
uninterrupted energy

Automated energy
optimization for cost-
effective operations.

Continuous integration
with GIS Systems

Round-the-clock customer
support for continuous
operational excellence.

Hassle-free integration
with existing building
management systems.

Advanced analytics for
real-time energy
usage insights.

User-friendly interface
for effortless system
control and monitoring.

Easy integration with 3rd
party applications

Explore integratable solutions to perfectly fit your needs

5000+Operating Devices

2.500+Measurement Points


Talk To An Expert

Discover how you can benefit from inavitas
products based on your needs.

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