Why inavitas?

In 2012, inavitas was established to make living more sustainable by monitoring, managing, and saving energy to tackle Climate Change. While renewables are the future of energy, they will only spread through digitalization—and that is where inavitas comes into play.

We provide an innovative energy intelligence platform for utilities, renewables, companies, and homes, helping to save energy by preventing wasted energy, managing consumption demand, and increasing revenues by boosting generation and operational efficiency in distribution. We collaborate with established international partners, allowing them to market wide-ranging energy management and monitor solutions to help their clients manage and save energy.

Utilities created us for Utilities!
Our thorough understanding of electricity distribution operations, IT and OT combined experience helps us understand the details of integration orchestrating the distributed energy resources, including production, storage, and consumption. We are a market leader in utilities, with over 21 distribution clients and a 1.5 GW + renewable portfolio. Furthermore, we eagerly satisfy customers by innovating and inventing.

Global Trusted Technology Provider
Today, inavitas is an international brand with branches in Australia, India, and Turkey. Our clients can monitor, manage and intelligently save their energy while forward-thinking inavitas. Together, we can achieve a zero-emission future.