Alper Terciyanli​

Chief Executive Officer​

Chief Executive Officer

Alper Terciyanli was born in Nigde. His interest in math and science directed him to have an education in engineering. Even though his dream during all high school time was to become an industrial engineer, as a result of the qualification system, he registered in the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, METU, and graduated in 2001. Since one of his favourite things is teaching something to someone, he decided to continue his education after BSc and finished his MSc and PhD in power electronics in 2004 and 2010, respectively. During his PhD, he had the chance to work with one of the best places and the team on power electronics at TUBİTAK. He worked on power electronics and power quality as a chief R&D engineer during his ten-year career, and left TUBİTAK with more than ten journal papers, 25 conference proceedings, and one patent for a new journey, as an entrepreneur.

He and his partners established their own company and started Endoks in 2011. In one year, they managed to have a good business in the power quality area and established inavitas to work on energy management applications. By 2015, after bringing Erman Terciyanli to the board, he has started to focus more on digital transformation in the energy industry. As the CEO of the company, he has led the inavitas to be the market leader in a very short time in all areas being operated.

In 2020, he has also been the co-founder of his third company, Vuca, which is a data analytics company working on big data in the energy industry. In the same year, he has become one of the co-founders of the Energy Digitalization Association and started to work as the General Secretary of the organization.

During his last ten-year career, renewables and all technologies for a sustainable future have been his main area of interest. He believes that we need innovative solutions to sustain our planet while providing reliable energy and sustainable growth. We need these answers today because tomorrow will be too late. This knowledge motivates him to work on technologies that promote a green future for him and all kids.

He likes cooking in his spare time and eating. He is married and has three daughters.